Angeles City / Clark / Subic meet up.

Fed up with the usual bar stool 'scene'?
Frustrated that the only events that gain any traction are Manila based?
Are you an expat or regular visitor looking to meet up and chat about life here in general - perhaps sharing business ideas, finance, pitfalls, exchange rates, even the weather?

I would really like to meet new people and network around the Angeles City, Clark, Subic area. I am not 'needy' and live here [happily] with my young family. I have a reasonable amount of international business experience, and enjoy 'kicking the can down the road' when discussing anything remotely interesting.

Maybe we can get a few people together in AC, Clark or Subic sometime? Retired, semi-retired, ex or current business execs, young entrepreneurs - wise old hands? Male/female dreamers, movers & shakers or simply anyone remotely interested in meeting other people with at least one brain cell?

Is there anyone out there like me interested in such a social network. Maybe once a month in my area and just see how it goes? Afternoon coffee or beer somewhere like one of the hotel bars or similar?

Message me if remotely interested and I will arrange something. Or please let me know if something similar ALREADY exists :)


Yes.  I'm looking for a social network.    KELLY Phelps @ 09569651446.   I live in Angeles city

i live inside clark and looking something like that

give me call 0905-316-0002

Sean Lee

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