ladies? Libyan ladies?

It appears this forum is Libyan men and a mix of expats, that are too scared to participate much or offer help.
Are there any Libyan women here that are willing to interact?
Any expat women that consider Libya home and understand the culture?

Well Said mate , I think it will be interesting to meet if any western expat women still leaving here or even Libyan girl ? , even I have tried to connect but most of them are left or married to conservative Libyan men ? Who do not allow the women to meet other men,

Have seen some non Libyan woman around not many.  Maybe they don't have internet or don't know about expat com

Hi guys I'm non Libyan married to a Libyan with 2 children. Am currently in the UK but have an apartment in Souk Al Gouma & may be making a permanent move to Libya soon.

Well if you get to Tripoli leave me a message  and I will get in touch. I also have a place in soul AL ghuma

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