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I'm pretty new to this forum, so if I this question was already answered I'm sorry, but I really used the search engine ;)

So my question is pretty simple, I am finishing my Bachelor's degree (IT/computer science) in Germany. I do have about 1 year of documented work experience. After that I want to move to Hanoi to work there in the IT sector. I know that I need a business visa and a work permit.
My question is regarding the obtainment of a work permit in Vietnam.

Do I need my Bachelor's degree AND 3 years of experience or is my Bachelor's degree enough? As far as my research goes, this 3 years AND Bachelor's is about the exemption from work permit. Or is it a requirement for a normal work permit? I am a bit confused here.
They changed something about the laws in February and/or April this year, most sources state, that this "AND 3 years.." is about the exemption of a work permit.

Can someone shine some light into this? Thanks in advance!

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you need a degree AND 3 years of experience to get a work permit.

I think exemptions only apply for those employed as a contractor under 90 days.

Oh okay!

So, what are my chances of getting a work permit with a IT Bachelor's and 1-1,5 years of work experience it my field? Non-existent?

in the end, it is really who you know and how much money you got.

getting an IT job maybe slightly difficult as they would select a Vietnamese over you unless you got something unique to offer. the other question is are you willing to accept a Vietnamese wage?

Hey it's me again,
I know you told me that the 3 years are a requirement for the work permit, but I found several sources stating that this "bachelor's + 3 years" just makes you become a "Foreign Expert" who are exempted from a work permit (See here and here).

But I can't find the requirements for a regular work permit anywhere.
Could anyone give me some informations?

Dang, with 40 years experience I must be the smartest IT expert in Saigon.

The work permit exemption is for people who are sent by companies who are already on that company's payroll, as in a TDY situation.  I think the regular requirement for a WP is 5 years if you are hired in country.  (Note to others:  I said "I think".  Please correct me if wrong but don't pounce.)   Native English speaking teachers are required to have a Bachelors degree plus a TEFL/TESL Certificate with the certificate substituting for the 5 years.

Remember, Vietnam is the country that gave us Floppy Bird and has been identified as the origin point for a lot of internet crime like phishing schemes, so there is plenty of homegrown talent in IT.  Unless you have something exceptional to offer, which is unlikely for a recent graduate, better to sharpen your skills in the EU.


I think you're mistaken about the work permit exemption. It's only for contractors whom stay is under 90 days. … April-2016 … anguage=en

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