Health insurance available in Thailand?

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We are planning to retire in Thailand.

I wonder if anyone can give us some insight on the healt unsurance thats available in Thailand.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Cj & Brigitte

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How old are you?  At some points rates will jump, or you won't be accepted after the age of 65 or whatever.  Each company is different.

I can highly recommend you contact AA Insurance Thailand, they have numerous offices and they are ran by expats and provide all documentation in English. Most Thai insurance companies only provide documentation in Thai so you have no idea what you are really covered for.

I deal with their office in Hua Hin

I've just got insured by a broker in Chiang Mai, amazing deal for a year health insurance. She takes care of everything and give you the best deal. I cheak so many agents but she was the one with the best deals.

Unless you have medical issues that are serious & need to be taken care off. I think Medical Insurance is not worth the money. If you are healthy I think it is better to pay as you go. But to each his own.

You right about it but if get involve in an accident you have to pay so much money for the damage to vehicles. That is why I also get injured in accidents.
I drive motorbike here.

I had a motor bike accident in January. I believe that when a motor bike is registered insurance is required. I know that rental shops include it. I purchased mine and it was included presumably because of the registration. That insurance covered my medical bills, I believe, up to the first 30 k baht. My insurance did not cover the damage on my bike. If I was capable of getting the license number of the Sungtao that took me down his insurance would have paid for the damage and there were too many witnesses for him to have any defense, seemingly so.

In 2008 I was presented with an insurance question. I thought it was a black and white no brainer. I was wrong. When it comes to insurance there are individual differences that dictate comprehensive answers. It is my understanding that generally an annual premium for insurance is $2,500 or maybe 85k baht a year, in Thailand. Many people pay out of pocket, because for them it's cheaper. You do the math for yourself, and look at your own specific situation. 

As an American I have access to Medicare. The premium for that is $1377 a year and is tax deductible. I maintain that policy because if I were to have a catastrophic incident I would have access to that insurance. One never knows if or when a catastrophic event would happen.

I know a couple who had a unexpected catastrophic event and it permanently and adversely impacted their lives. They didn't think that insurance was necessary. The husband, at around 54, had a stroke. His medical treatment was inadequate and the medical expenses were such that it imposed a major financial burden which has still not been remedied, after more then a decade.   

I am fortunate. I have reached that age in which I have access to Medicare. In addition to that my previous employer became my secondary provider with Medicare and provided me with an a program, I believe HSA. They make monthly contributions and I can claim that money for out of pocket health expenses. Last year I had about $2,500 worth of medical work in Thailand and was completely reimbursed. Then again I could have used those expenses as taxable deductions. Either way medical costs in Thailand are such, for the most part, can be an out of pocket expense.

As I've said earlier - health care is an individual choice relative to your own individual circumstances. Like playing chess - make the best move that fits your needs.

Bill, does Medicare pay overseas?

The simple answer is that Medicare does not pay outside of the US. Presently one has to go back to the US for Medicare treatment. I believe that for very serious there is no problem with treatment once back in the US.
There is some inspiration for the future. Let me repeat - for the future. Last year Medicare came up with the inspiration that hug (or in the vernacular of Trump hugly) enormous savings could be had by having Medicare providing services outside of the US. Even with it's benefits outside of the US. The unfortunate element with that is that the debate will probably be protracted for many years, because of special interests that make too much money, for one. Generally I have no problem paying out of pocket expenses in Thailand for most medical expenses. But I like keeping the option for specialized work with Medicare. That's just my opinion.

Thanx. :) Yes, I agree, they would get an enormous savings by having Thai doctors do the work.

But some countries don't have the same definition of "medicine" as we do in the states.

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