One month rental

I'm looking for two serviced apartments with 2 bedrooms each in the same building for the month in August around the Toul Kourk area.

I arrived for the second time , I found a wonderful person who's helped me with everything from where to eat where to get cheap bus tickets etc, her name , is pon nonch, she works at roof top realty , she's fantastic, her office is right on riverside, she's so helpful, any little question I go to her, can't say enough about her and the whole staff, they speak very good English, please tell her rod sent you if you go, but she's great , I just love her and this business, she will be able to find you something , and don't forget main rule in Cambodia, first price they offer is not the real one no matter how cheap it might sound, I live on 118th street a few blocks from riverside, one block from old market, and night market , they have live music at the night market, and 5 minute walk to central market and lucky foods at mall near central market, as far as I'm concerned , best location in Phnom Penh , good luck! But really pon nouch , she's the ticket ROOF TOP reality

Thanks! Would you happen to have her email?


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Thank you

Hello! I service apartment in Tuol lok and now we have some units available with swimming pool
Please feel free to contact me if you interested
Or please feel free to contact 012 720 401

I am very interested. I need two apartments that each have 2 bedrooms. Do you have a private email where I can contact you?

I have 2 bedroom 3 units available in the same building
please let me know if you are interested?

I need pricing and photos and area of location please

let me check with my apartment
then I will let you know soon

@ ravoeun > Can you please post your housing offers in the housing in Cambodia section please? :)

Thank you,


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