Latin expats at China?


I'm Paloma--a student from Mexico and currently working/traveling at China. I live in Shanghai and was hoping to meet Latin-American expats! (Miss speaking Spanish).

It can be either for networking (I work for a tax consulting firm who provide fiscal services to international companies across 60+ countries) or simply social (perhaps go to a happy hour at some bar).


Hello Psamani and welcome to

In which province of China are you please?


Hola Kenjee,

I am located at the province of Shanghai Municipality (上海市)

Hola psamani!

I am a native Chinese actually, but I am learning Spanish now. Actually, I made some friends from Mexico and Chile when I was in UK, so really want to meet new friends here!

Sorry mi español es malo, but if you would like to talk, I will be glad!


Hi Psamani,

Welcome to Shanghai.

The latin community is actually quite big, i could introduce you t some people i know.
Depending on what you want, most easiest way to get in touch is through salsa or other latin dance events.

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