How long does it take to take my family with me

Hi Everyone,

This is Ahmet and will be moving to Dammam from Turkey in a couple of weeks.

I have taken my work visa but it is told me that my residence permit and work permit shall be applied when I am there. And they will also apply for residence permit for my family, wife and two kids. My question  is:

* How long does it take to take my family with me to Dammam usually?
* Is there any other option to ask them with a visit visa and shorten the process?

Regarding accommodation, I am planning to rent a place in a compound. As far as I read from forums, good compounds are within the Al Khobar region. However, I will be working at Dammam. Is it a good idea to work in Dammam and live at Al Khobar?


The residence permit will take a max of two to three weeks to process after arrival. Once you get that you can apply for the family visa and these will be issued soon / similar time frame.

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