Any help regarding moving to Malta?

Hi all,

My family and I come from South Africa, a non-eu country. I've heard it's really difficult for non-eu expats to get jobs there in Malta. Is this true?

I'm a teacher with 20 years experience in a private school that is multicultural and caters to many international children. I am very interested in the development of teacher resources and I've also authored and published children's workbooks, homework books and teacher's guides. Do you think this would be in my favour?

Also, would anyone know if, as a teacher, I would need to get a TEFL certificate even though I am currently teaching as a first language English Teacher?

My husband has a wealth of experience in accounting but only has a bookkeeping diploma. Do you think that he would be able to find a job with salary that would be able to support us and our two teenage children, combined with my salary?

Do you have any advice about how we could go about finding jobs or do you know anyone we could speak to that could help us.

Also, anything else you think we should know about moving there?

Does anyone know of any South African families that have moved over there and if so, would you be able to put us in touch with them?

Hi there,

I might be able to help with at least one of your questions:
You need an EFL permit to teach English as a foreign language in Malta regardless of any other qualifications you might have elsewhere. To obtain this permit, you need at least a TELT - see here for more info: … ermit.aspx

I have a CELTA and my permit (I applied in May this year) is valid for 4 years. Friends of mine without a CELTA told me they have to renew their permit every year (i.e. you need to prove that you've done a certain number of CPD courses throughout the year).

In the school I teach at there's a teacher from South Africa, too - but I don't know how long she's been here for, or if her husband is an EU citizen...

A good friend of ours here in Malta (also an EFL teacher) is South African, too, but her husband is Dutch and she got the Dutch citizenship last year, so not comparable to your situation...

I wouldn't know anything about the salary in accounting, but I know that as an EFL teacher you can expect around 11 Euros / hour (actual 60 minutes, not a 45 minute lesson) as a CELTA qualified teacher, less without a CELTA. In summer there's plenty of students (mainly teens), but off season it can be quite hard to get enough hours to really earn enough. I currently have about 30-35 hours / week, that includes Saturday (breaks are unpaid, only contact time is paid).

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much. That really has helped a lot :)

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