Is 25,000 a good salary in Joburg for an Office Manager?

Hi All, I am looking at various roles and wondering if 25000 rand per month is a good salary for an Office Manager. I get to work from home so there is no travel involved. It does not include any benefits but I do get 2 weeks paid leave.

Interesting question. Hope you get a reply.

That is a good  Salary for Office Manager.
Usually companies pay much less.

Am looking for unemployed Filipino Nationals living in Johannesburg, if you know anyone that may be interested in work, please message me

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I would say its a good start.....inflation is picking up steam though but since there isnt travel costs, take it!


it all depends on your scope of work and sometimes on the company size too. But for one who has less than 3 years experience in the field, R25, 000 is, generally, a pretty good start.


I think is a good amount beside the living cost is SA is not higher like other countries and believe me I've been around.

Good luck

Check out this site for cost of living then compare this to your monthly income.
You need to factor in medical insurance, taxes etc.

pretty competative

it not enough for an office managers here in SA.

hello ms carolannea!
good day! i am a filipina, i am not currently living in jeddah KSA. i am a full time nurse here and i am planning to go to south africa for some main reasons. i was looking for a Filipina or someone over the web who can help a filipino national like me to be aware about south africa. i hope i can get a response from you. thank you so much!

That is not a good salary at all, however, the fact that you can work from home should make it a lot more appealing.

Numbeo is, unfortunately, not accurate.

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