Need your Kind suggestions.

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are fine and enjoying.

My name is Asad and I am a creative professional and I am doing my job in very well reputable company in saudi arabia. I Have complete almost one year as a Creative Generalist.

Now the thing is that I want to do some freelance photography after my working hours.
Is it possible to do freelance job while you have Iqama of a company?

I am also looking for friends who have passion of photography and Graphics.

I am also willing to work with Photographer as a freelancer.

Looking for your true suggestions.

Hello Asad,

The answer to your question is Yes and No.

First of all let us be very clear about the fact that once you are on the employment contract of one organisation, you may not enter into any other paid or un paid commercial activity.

Some expats tried to work as taxi drivers, part time evening cashier of a shop and were caught and deported.

However there are a lot of activities where it is difficult for the authorities to prove your commercial involvement, for example giving tuition at home or your students place has always had a soft corner, you may bring accounting books home and do book keeping, some ladies professionally make cakes and party food and arrange delivery.

In your particular case, as an artist and a photographer, you may socially stick around with a group of your profession without advertising. :)

Thank you Sir.

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