landlord not making repairs to rental

I rented a new home and paid for one year up front. I've been in the property for nearly four months and the landlord is dragging his feet on making proper repairs. His contractors show up when they want to and fix one thing while breaking three more things. Any advice on how to handle this situation would be greatly appreciated.

It's a real problem as he has your money and he could just go on dragging things out till your year is up. I hope someone else can suggest a remedy. You could bring someone in and send the bill to the landlord but getting him to pay might prove a problem.

Thanks hkann. Yes, I have thought about hiring someone to make the repairs and sending him a bill.

Unless the repairs are critical to your health and safety, I'd suggest you take the plunge, but knowing Ghanaian landlords, consider it a personal loss. Besides lacking a property maintenance culture, he does not have your welfare at heart. Please understand that it is not personal. Everybody suffers the same dilemma in everything they do in Accra. Any recourse may be futile, stressful and perhaps a waste of extra cash. Be safe!

Very sad, but true. Thanks for the reply.

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