about the tourist visa and visa extension

I plan to go to Yogy next month by tourist visa,so i want to know the longest time i can stay in Indonesia by tourist visa is 60 days or 90 days?and how long i can make visa extension? and how much for each extension?thanks

Your best bet is to visit the Indonesian embassy online in your home country and look for 60 day visas which is the max you can come in with and stay. The process is better done before entering Indonesia.
The costs etc. would be detailed from there. Now if you wish to extend further once on Jogjakarta then you wound need to visit the immigration department and enquire how. Again they will give you the details you need. But this might involve leaving Indonesia and coming back in and if that is the case then make sure you have a return ticket out.

Everything you have asked has already been written and detailed so search the forum for the most useful posts. Mas Fred and Ubudian will have the best replies and answers most probably.

When you get your visa, day 1 is the day you arrive regardless of time you land.

Finally do not overstay illegally. Do not work illegally. Do not bring drugs into the country or attempt to smuggle things in or out. Don't get arrested while you are here. All will see possible jail time, huge fines and deportation. For drug offences you may never leave.

There are 67 countries where visitors from those countries can get a 30 day visa on arrival which is renewable at any Indonesian immigration office for an additional 30 days, making the total stay in country, 60 days.  China is one of those countries.  The cost for that visa (paid on arrival) is USD $35.00. 

The 30 day free visa on arrival is also eligible for Chinese nationals, but that visa is not renewable under any circumstances.  On arrival you must make it clear at immigration check in that you want the 30 day renewable visa on arrival, and not the free visa. 

As Luke mentions, any stay planned in excess of 60 days will require you to procure a visa in advance of your arrival.  Such visas can be applied for at any Indonesian embassy or consulate closest to where you are currently located.

Have a great trip!

thanks lukereg,Ubudian for your useful infomation

Sama, sama (you're welcome) and have a great time once you visit this amazing country.


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Hi there.
I 've been living in Yogya for 6 years, using only tourist Visa on arrival.
I left one years ago, so possible changes have been made, but I can share my experience.
First check if your country has special feature with emigration indo law.
There is 2 tourist visas.
- one that you get at the Indo embassy in your country. Check at there website for procedure. 
You get 60 days, and can extend 2 times 30 days. ( total 120 days )
You stay 60 days with no special things to do.
- Visa on arrival (about 35$). You stay 30 days, extension 1 time 30 days.
- There is a new law for some countries where there is no need of visa. But no extension possible. And not all airport allowed to deliver it (get info for that)

At the end of your 30/60 days (last day of your 30/60 days is the limit, after you have a fee for overstay) You have to leave the country, Or you ask for extension.
So you have to go to emigration office ( Jalan Solo - Jalan = Street/road) Close to old airport.
You ask for a form (formular in Indonesian) for tourist visa extension.
You gonna need
-photocopy of your passport (first page with your information, and the page with your initial visa) Possible to make the photocopy on site (very cheap).
- photocopy of your return fly  ticket.

You fill the form, give it  to the counter (loket in Indonesian - left side of the building - you ask for the form at the entrance of the building.) with the photocopies and your passport.
ALWAYS keep a photocopy of your passport (main  + visa) and  the receipt of emigration with you.

They will give you a receipt and ask you to come back (usually 2 days later.)
No problem if you come 1 or 2 days later. (if they says something, say you were sick= Sakit). But better to come on time, early in the morning. Beware of holidays (lot in Indo) Friday is prayer day, Afternoon is closed. Get inform of opening time.

This second time, they will give you back your folder with everything in, and a ticket with the fee.
There you give your folder and you wait. They will call you. (beware they will call your name with their own pronunciation- be attentive).
You pay (price change often lately) About 25 $. They give you a receipt , your return to the first counter with this receipt. They will check the payment receipt, give you back your folder (again) and you give it to the man in charge of photos, or they give it themself.
You wait in the corridor for photo and fingerprint. They call your name. Beware, sometime they give just your first name, or say your name with their own pronunciation. Be attentive.
Once again, better Come early morning or you have to come back again the day after. they open at 8:30 I think)
Once you're done with photo, fingerprint and digital sign, or you wait and get your extention 1 or 2 hours after, or you come back the day after. They give you a reciept. (alway get a receipt - Big trouble if you loose it).
At the end, you sign a register and they give you back your passport with 30 days extension. Note very carefully the limit day of stay.
If you got 60 days when entering, you can extend 2 times 30 days.
Visa on arrival, 1 time 30 days.
After that, you have to get out the country.
I use to go to Kuala Lumpur for the night, came back to Yogya the next morning, got a new visa on arrival, and done for 2 more months.
that's it.
One last thing. Be patient, always take it easy. Getting angry will only brings you trouble.

Hope it's helpful.

I saw a Chinese guy on his third VOA on the trot.
He had to answer a lot of questions.

Thanks for your reply,JeffeCastan. I just do a lot search these days and i find out the best way is to get The social & culture Visa(211,60days ) but now i need  local sponsor. Some people said they can make 211 visa in Bangkok or Penang whithout sponsor,but some people said cannot ,the information cannot be confirmed,so the most  safe way for me  is go to Indonesia by VOA then try to find a sponsor before i leave Indoesia ,then go to Bangkok or KL apply the social & culture Visa(211),so i can extend my visa for four months in Indonesia when i entry again.

Yeah,VOA is not a good choice for me now

Social visa, after 60 days, you have to extend it every months. And you have 1 more administration to visit. I gave up on it after one year. You spend your time at emigration.
But up to you.

How long you plan to stay ?

If you do so, KL is the closer. For sponsor, you will find easily.

I've done it for 6 years. Of course, after a while , I knew some people at emigration, that can help.

well,i plan to stay  in Yogy for 1 year maybe, I'm a freelancer,my job is travel consultant.i get bored of life in Vietnam .Hope to find my new life in Yogy. :)

Be careful if you are coming here to work without a sponsor and the correct visa. The government is cracking down on working illegally. Also where ever you go make sure you take your documents with you as well so you can prove on the spot you are allowed to be here.

I'm selfemployeed, hope that will be OK :)

thanks JeffeCastan,i hope to meet you in Yogy someday

No it won't but good luck. You need to be registered to work here with various government agencies and an expat can only work or gain work in a field where there is a demand which cannot be sourced locally.
Java has enough tourist guides and unless you plan to sell your native country as a place to visit you may find it harder to gain employment.
All expats working here legally have been approved by the government, those illegally may never be found out but you should weigh the option of huge fines and prison time against be illegal.

But that's your choice and as I say, good luck

I'm not a tourist guide, my job is make travel  itinerary and operate car and local tourist guide for Chinese tourist, and i get commission. Everything done online, so which document i should get?
do i need to sign contract with local business partner?

You need to find a company who is willing to sponsor you and provide you with the correct documents.

Click this link to find out more

Research online legal employment in Indonesia for expats.

thanks a lot lukereg

I will echo Luke's post.
He's absolutely correct about that being illegal, but he didn't mention the very large fine, the prison time and deportation at your cost.

Don't do it unless you want to write a blog about prison life in Indonesia.

Note. Online work is less likely to bring trouble to your door as there is no physical work, but it's very much illegal as you're taking work from Indonesians.
The trouble will come knocking the moment anyone finds out the site is not run by an Indonesian.
Competition in that market is tough, so legal companies won't ignore you.

"Don't do it unless you want to write a blog about prison life in Indonesia". i will think twice

Enigma, given what you've written thus far about your business plan here, you really need to hook up with a local Indonesian as a partner and set up a small PT company.  In that way you would be issued a KITAS visa and a work permit...thus 100% legal to carry on. 

The travel business is one, if not the most carefully scrutinized business when it comes to having foreigners involved.  The labor department is very particular about exactly who it is who is promoting and describing Indonesia for tourists.  With that in mind you might want to concentrate your partner search with Chinese Indonesians, of which there are many here.   

That said, the market for Chinese tourism is very strong, and growing stronger every day.  I haven't checked the latest numbers, but just a while ago, tourist arrivals from China were number two, and just behind Australia.

I am no more in Indonesia since 1 year now. I stayed in Yogya for 6 years in a row, but at the end, pressure was on long stay tourist like me. ( I was going out and in every 2 months.)
My contact at emigration office was warning me about investigation made about foreigner with long stay.
Honestly, working permit is a hell to get. Or you pay an agent to do the job for you.

But be very careful with working without permit. The new president is making things straight.
Social visa is very special, and can be annoying. You have to visit 2 different administrations, and you come back 4/5 times. Better to have somebody to come with you, second administration speak only bahasa.
And you first need (if I remember well) a kind of authorisation from Jakarta regarding your sponsor.
I used this visa at my beginning in Yogya, but I gave up very soon.
My opinion is the best compromise is the tourist visa 60 days. You just visit one administration for renewing 2 times.
You get it in KL, you stay there, 2/3 days and you get it.

But once again, don't work without permit. You would take a maximum risk.
My opinion and experience.
But it can be different, from one to another... that's Indo, nothing is for sure...

What you say about immigration officials taking particular attention to non KITAS stay visas, such as 60 day renewable visit visas, business visas as well of course as repetitive use of VOA’s is very true. The reason is of course legitimate, and based on the ever increasing abuses of those visas by folks who work here illegally.

What else is true is an ever increasing reporting of those folks operating illegally here by those expats who “play by the rules” (and pay accordingly) and understandably find that such abuse of limited stay visas for work or employment as unfair to them, as well as the local populous.

Personally, I never think twice about picking up my hand phone and making such a report to the Bali head of immigration whenever I become aware of a particular situation where it is clear to me that such person is working or conducting business here in an illegal fashion.

The penalties for such abuse are potentially very severe, including up to a US $50,000.00 fine, lengthy incarceration, and mandatory as well as permanent deportation.

Not more than 10 years ago, annual deportations from Bali could be counted on one hand.  These days, it’s much, much higher: … -bali.html

Folks who think that the world is global and that they have some sort of inalienable right to live or work wherever they chose will come to a rude awakening here in Indonesia.

setting up a PT company requires investment, but you're free and legal to operate.
It also means hiring Indonesians, so doing double good for this country by creating employment and bringing tourist money in, much of which enters the economy at local level, so helping lots more Indonesians.
That and you never have to look over your shoulder to see if immigration are after you.

I just bought the air ticket to Yogy next month,I will stay in Yogy for  two months ,then decide if i want to continue living there.
Good luck to me and thanks for you guys' useful advices

Dont get caught.....what the others saying is absolutely correct.

Your business idea requires a work permit and i believe you will not get it due to the nature of your business, thats aomething a local can do !!

Better dont underestimate rules and regulations here.

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