Looking for home based part time job !!!

Hi ! Iam Manila Lakhe, living in KL since Jan 2016. I ve been looking for any sort of job since Iam here. I am a ex banker with good experience in customer service, sales & marketing, general administration & operational works. Please do refer me if you have any job opening.

please post your CV in the jobs section at the top of this page. This is a free service and your advertisement will get better coverage there.

Hi There, Alan hère pls do feel free to contact me at ***...Will explain to u further more...Regards

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hello Manlakhe,

It's nice to know that you have a lot of good credentials that you could certainly used to your advantage. I am however, is an Entrepreneur myself. Given that, you may want to consider having an online business wherein you can do work part-time or full-time at home.

If you are interested I'll be happy to walk you through.


Thank you so much for your consideration. I would like to know more about the online business & also how can I work from my home.***


Hello Applejoy,

I am an entrepreneur myself too! So I would like to know more about any prospective online business in Malaysia.

Thank you!

hello guys,

@Manlakhe, I have sent you a message giving brief introduction about what I do. Please take your time to read it and reply to me should you need further information.

@kgrsajid, I am more than happy to give you a brief introduction about my business as well. Would you mind providing your email address so I could directly send you a message?

Thank you very much.

@applejoy, thanks for your reply. ***

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im also interested regarding the home based job. is this still available?

Online selling as a means of generating income really doesn't need any detailed explanation and you don't need to be associated with anyone else to do it. It's simple, buy cheap and sell for a profit. Malaysia has a whole host of online selling platforms and as long as you can find your source with a wholesale or low price then you can sell and make money. The only trick is to find a good product to sell, and that is something that most people wouldn't want to share with you. You need to find that product(s) yourself.

Once you have your product(s) be sure to have good photos and give an accurate detailed listing with measurements and specifications. With generic products your profit per unit will be lower but your selling volume higher whereas with non generic products it will be the other way around. Point out any faults with the products. Don't be greedy with your selling price. Instead consider an initially smaller profit margin and give your new business a chance to develop and grow. Always be pleasant and fair with your buyers and they may become regular buyers.

Only use poslaju or any other trackable postage system. If you are selling internationally then consider using DHL Global Mail or Quantium Solutions as these are both inexpensive, although you will need to have a business registration number, which can actually be bought fairly inexpensively as a shelf company.

The advantages of online selling as opposed to having a virtual shop are that your overheads are really low, you are your own boss and work your own hours, no face to face dealings with irate customers, work from home, more time with the family and so on.

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