Anyone wanna hang out in ChengDu?

Hi everyone,

Just to introduce myself a little, I am Chinese, I had lived in New Zealand for 15 years before I came back to China last year. Now I am currently in ChengDu. And this is a new city to me, too. I have no friend at all in this city and barely know anyone in this city, so, I’m bored and have planty of free time which literaly doing nothing but playing Overwatch. So, it would be nice to have anyone to even have random conversation.

So, anyone want to hang out? to have a drink? to talk? maybe go to gym together? or maybe you want to learn Chinese? as a native speaker, I’m pretty sure my Chinese is better than yours. or just navigate through or around the city and going adventures? yes, I have a car, not a nice car but just a car.

If you are interested, please leave a comment or leave a message to me(can you leave message here? not sure about it). thank you.

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