Part Time work on a Job Seeker Visa


Can any one tell me if it is allowed to work part time on a Germany Job Seeker Visa ?


Lots of regulations and details determine if one gets a job seekers visa. You can find the information from the official German site in English at: … _node.html

To quote from the site; "Jobseeker’s visa: Since 1 August 2012, foreign graduates with a German or other recognised university degree or a foreign degree comparable to a German degree will be eligible to enter Germany to seek employment. Holders of a jobseeker’s visa may stay in Germany for up to six months to seek employment whilst in the country. To obtain a jobseeker’s visa, applicants must simply furnish proof of their university degree and that they can support themselves for the duration of their planned stay. While seeking employment, jobseekers are not permitted to work, whether on a self-employed basis or otherwise."

Thank you very much, Tom !!!

- Jay

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