Look out for a full-time job as a youth coach and talent scout. 30 years of experience including 10 years in Nigeria. Speak English - French - German and Dutch.
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Hi may I know the details please

Hi Lekesby ,

My name is Philippe Schotte , Belgium citizen living in Bulgaria . Before I was living in Lagos Nigeria. I worked there 10 years looking for young talented footballplayers . Many went later to Europe on trial and a lot of them sign a contract . I had my own team in Lagos with players under 20 that I find in local amateur teams . After 3 years of hard working we played amical games against the bigger teams in Nigeria and our result where extremely good ! We never lost with more than one goal and won more than 60% . i recive a lot of offers to work for clubs in the first division but refused .
At a certain moment I had Malaria and that was the end of my beautiful time in Africa , I was very lucky to survive and the doctors from the tropical Clinique in Antwerpen -Belgium told me that I could no more go back to a country where there is still Malaria .

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