Temporary Residence Permit Renewal

I am married with Ukrainian girl 2012 Dec, now i apply for residence. They give me temporary residence and apply also for permanent Residence.
I want to ask can i renew my temporary Residence until i get Permanent residence?

Yes you can.

GreyKyiv you beat me to the comment! I was going to recommend you for giving advice :)

Ahsaan24 GreyKyiv is fully knowledgeable when in it comes to temporary residence ad all thing surrounding immigration.

He helped me and did a fabulously job.  And he is a truly honest person; which unfortunately is hard to find here in Ukraine. So if is available I would strongly recommend him.

GreyKyiv.Please help me.. I apply for Permanent Resident and the lady in OVIR take date of birth of my all family. which i don't remember. As we have 8 persons in family. after she say just write year of their birth. i write which i remember . mostly 1 or 2 years difference. This lady make us all crazy. even i am married 4 year passed. all my wife family come to OVIR office for my registration as that lady call all. and after she said that she have no time and than she left. I was on short visa. i have to return to work i return. and i don't know they will give me permanent residence or not. As my wife is pregnant and she is alone in Ukraine. I am well settled person in UAE. i just need to visit some times in future for my wife and children.  now i am worried what she will do.

Ahsaan, it is always very difficult to give a valuable advice bases merely on what someone said. I don't know the real situation. I can provide you with information about grounds for permanent residence, the procedure, requirements, I can draw up and fill out docs,  etc  but I can't advise on your further actions bases on information you provided above.

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