Don't miss to go El Muizz Street with your Egyptian friends

Street Muizz Fatimid is the largest open -air museum of Islamic effects in the world, is located in the area of Al - Azhar in Cairo , Fatimid Cairo goats in Egypt, and in addition to being a place of pilgrimage archaeological and tourist It is a mall frequented by thousands every day.
The history of the street to the year 969 AD, and named for the "Muizz" Fatimid caliph , who sent his commander , "Jawhar" to Egypt in 358 AH - 969 m; to become Egypt since that date until the year 567 AH - 1171 under the Fatimid rule .

Street extends Muizz Fatimid of Bab al-Futuh passing through the area coppersmiths , then the Khan el - Khalili , The area of the chapel , and then interrupted the essence Street commander (Moski) , and then broken by Al - Azhar Street passing through the area abyssal and Alvahamin , then the path alley and sugary to end at the door of Zuwayla . The of the longest streets in Egypt , with a length of more than a thousand meters.

Moez Street comprises a large number of ancient buildings exceed two hundred, ranging from ancient mosques, schools, and water fountains, and palaces, and the two agencies, and three corners, and two gates, two bathrooms, and stood archaeological

Among the most important monuments on the street
Bab al-Futuh and Bab al-Nasr - collector Hakim - House Suhaimi - Suleiman Agha mosque Selehdar - collector Aqmar - For Abdulrahman Katakhda - Prince Palace Bashtak - Textile Museum of Egypt - the apparent plum mosque - For Muhammad Ali Balnhacen - al - Nasir Muhammad mosque - mosque Ashraf Barsbay - Ghouri mosque - agency Ghouri - Alvkhana mosque - For Muhammad Ali Ghoriah - For Nafisa al - Bayda - mosque pro - Zuwayla door
and many others

The following is a photographer for some of these effects

Fotouh gate and Bab al-Nasr
Year of Creation: (480 AH / 1087 AD).

The essence of the Sicilian built a wall of Cairo, and set up towers and gates of the fence, including the gate Fotouh Gate victory of stone milk, and came after him , Badr al- Jamali Bbnaihm from the outside of the limestone, and when he came Salahuddin took over the ministry in the days of the Fatimid Caliph Add embarked on a renewal of Cairo , the walls of the Fatimid, and the Nasser Salah al - Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub , founder of the Ayyubid building the remaining stone walls even today on the walls of Badr al- Jamali, but it can to include Cairo, Egypt and the castle and make their doors and towers.

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