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Hi all,

I am new to this forum but am seriously considering moving to Malta. England is in decline in our opinion, noticeably in my lifetime (I'm early 30's) and we have always talked about making this transition but what started as a dream is becoming more realistic. Brexit has kind of been the last straw for us. My work situation means this probably won't happen for 1 year to 18 months due to a pending share payout but I thought it was worth researching properly now! This forum has been really useful but there is something I can't find information on so would welcome any advice. My son has been diagnosed as having moderate to severe hearing loss and is well know in the NHS system in England. My question is, how easy is the transition in Malta for him to get care? Whilst I am quite risk adverse (and moving countries does scare me), it absolutely couldn't happen if he couldn't get the support he needs. He currently has quarterly check ups at the hospital and a teacher of the dead and speech therapist see him regularly (he is 2 1/2). I know this is quite a specific question but in general, has anyone moved with pre-existing medical conditions and what has the experience been like?



Good Luck with your up comming move. Make sure you do ALL your research before you go especially with child with health issues. We have since left Malta due to this fact (along with other reasons). If you can speak with the Andrew Schiberras, he is an Audiolgist that works with kids both privately and publicly. He will guide you in the right direction on what you need to do and what Malta can offer your son. Will send you his details by PM.

Thank you so much Ash, that would be really helpful.

The saint James Hospital Group is the leading private healthcare group in Malta

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