Will Be Moving To Spain in 2017


I am from the USA and am planning to move to Spain.  I went to university in Madrid and then continued my government career.  I am planning a trip to both Girona (Costa Brava) and to the Costa Del Sol.  That said, I will be arriving in Girona on September 7th  until September 15th to enjoy the city and to look for rental properties as from the beginning of 2017.  Can any of you recommend reputable real estate agent(s) that I could set up appointments with before I arrive.   If you live in Girona or nearby, perhaps we could meet for a drink/coffee.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi renee idealista is very good

Hi Renee

I recently moved to Almeria and was using Idealista and Yaencontre who sent me a fair number of places by email. However, because I hadn't yet left the UK I was unable to communicate well. My Spanish is reasonable but only person to person, talking on the phone is difficult.  They also only have the prefix for Spain on their inquiry form so you can't leave a number for them to call. I think they show more interest in their sales properties.

I went out to Almeria in April and found that by going around the local agents I was able to find a place quite quickly. You also need to view anyway and credit cards don't appear to be acceptable in many cases. Then the contract has to be signed.

I would like to meet you for a drink as I am finding it hard to find friends at the moment since I am on my own but Almeria and Girona are poles apart!

Best of luck with finding a nice place.

We don't move until the 18th of September,but yes to having a drink

That will be great.


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Hi there!

I live near the Costa Brava and have a rental property in Girona. We work with a Girona property management company that could probably set you up with a great rental, if nothing else just temporarily until you get settled into something else. They're very well connected! We won't be in Girona then since our place will be rented until the end of October, but feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have! And welcome (back) to Espanya! :)

If you are looking for flats, don't depend on local agents, at least in Andalucia (Costa del Sol). I suggest pages like:
Extra hint, call the people because sending the mails does not work here.

When you are in Málaga or the area, let me know.  I may help if you need anything in the city.

great sites to look at are


Thank you so much for letting me know that you have a management company who could help me out with finding a nice apartment to rent.  I will be in Girona as from 8th September and leaving for Malaga/Marbella on the 15th of September.  I would very much appreciate it if you could give me the name and telephone number of your rental management company as I would get in touch with them upon arrival in Girona.

Where is your rental property in Girona?  Do you usually live in Girona as from October through the winter months?  I am asking as I found the Costa Del Sol too hot during the summer months and believe that Girona would be cooler than living on the Costa Del Sol year round.  I have retired from a government career here in Washington, DC but still working as a Government contractor.  Thought I would definitely retire come 2017.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



These are websites you can view relating to property that feel aught to find what looking for.


Will be visiting Marbella the week of September 15th until September 25.  Would you be interested in having a drink.




I wrote to you a short time ago on July 29th regarding the name of the Girona Management company that you are using and would appreciate it if you could send their name to me as I will be in Girona on the 7th of September for one week looking to rent as from March of 2017.  I would very much like to contact them upon my arrival.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



I am not in Spain yet myself and won't be for a couple more years but I have been checking out a website called  Of course, they have the usual properties for sales but lots and lots of rentals and they are classified by location.  You can use filters for features you are looking for and set a price range.  There seem to be many, many properties for rent. 

I am like you, looking for a cooler place.  If I were in Spain already, I would be delighted to meet you and have a glass of wine or two.


Thank you so much for your reply and for the website.  I am sorry that you will not be in Spain for another few years.



Hi Sally, I work with a local estate agent - in the Malaga area. (I do their photography) Please feel free to drop me a message if you are coming down to our area. Kind Regards, SJ

Thanks for advising me to look at I found a long term rental near Playa de la Mata.

You won't find anything here until the last 30-45 days before moving. Spaniards do not plan months ahead.
It may even be worth renting a property early and paying one or two months without living there. Beginning 2017 inventory will be low in winter. The best month is September but then when moving in at the latest October 1.

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We are thinking of moving to almeria hopefully this year, it it a really nice place to live

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Im sorry I missed this! The company is Sleep and Stay. They're amazing!

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