Options for Living outside Petro Rabigh Compound

Hi there,

I'll be moving for a new position in Petro Rabigh with my family (wife and 2 kids) soon... The information provided by my employer Petro Rabigh about the compound provided by them is not enough to build a big picture of the place... Is really hard to find anything on youtube or other web sites...

Some people say that KAEC is a very good option and I kind of like the idea as the World Academy school has a partnership with Petro Rabigh that offers a very good discount and perfectly fits the education allowance provided by the employer. My house allowance if I decide to live outside compound is approximately 80K SAR but I'm ok to put some additional money and live on a better and more comfortable place for the kids.

With that in mind I have two questions:

Is Petro Rabigh Aramco Compound in Rabigh really worst than other compounds in north Jeddah  like Al Basateen, Azzam, Arabic homes and etc that justifies a 2h drive each way every day?

Is there any kind of western compounds on KAEC these days? I can't find a thing about living there. Is there any Gated Communities, Villas or anything else more for Expats?


KAEC has many options of residences in the form of villas and apartments of different sizes at various prices.
See: … 1467993527
+966 12 615 9999 or 800 11 800 10
+966 12 510 6600
+966 12 510 6900
email: sales[at]

I have also got a job offer from petro rabhia and thinking of relocating.
Is there anybody who is already living there who can help me? with pretty much the same questions that my friend gonella has posted above

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