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I am from Mexico, and I will be 5 days in Athens. Since I prefer to walk and take the bus to know the cities , which I visit... I have a question, is Athens like Mexico city, where we have to pay attention to the times and areas to be save? Or I can walk everywhere anytime? Is there a week ticket or city card?

Thank you in advance!



Just do not go to Omonia area at night, and in tourist places there are many pick-pockets, only that. Greece is very safe! Enjoy!

Hello friend first I would like to say you, you are most welcome in athens. Athens city transport system is very comfortable for all class citizen and tourist you can move any where of the city by bus, train, metro and tram. You will find very easy where you want to move buy ticket for one month or one week or all day with very cheap prize .also I would like inform you, you could move any area of the city safely. Here police and government very careful for tourist. There very friendly.I am not Greek but I have being living here 14 years and never I found any difficulties here.Athens is very nice and historical city, my opinion athens is the open book for learner who want to learn about history and civilization .thank you very much wish you have very nice trip in athens😃😃

Thank you for your answer PATWARY!

Dear friend, I am Greek from Athens. There are few areas that you should avoid walking at square. Many drug addicts. Apart from that, Athens is generally safe.
Tickets cost 1,20e  but there areemontly passes too.Used to have weekly too but I dont know if they still have. You can also use the tram and the metro, they are more in time and metro is faster if you need cover long distance. For anything else, dont hesitate e mail me at xxx

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