Hello....I am new to this site

Looking for Malaysian friends to hang ou with in Leicester. Anyone ?

Hi Malaysian Friend,

Welcome on board  :)

Maybe a little introduction will get you some responses. Do you mind sharing your experience with us, since when are you in Leicester ?

All the very best,

Hi! That was a quick reply. Thank you very much.

I am a Malaysian. I am currently visiting my boyfriend and will be in Leicester till early Sep. He is a local. I have taken a break from work to spend time with him and also study for the next exam in Sep as I am pursuing CIPD qualification.

Would like to seek expert advice on finding work opportunities here. I have been an HR professional for 22 years particularly in learning & development, talent management and performance management. I was a senior manager in the previous organisation. I have worked for international companies.

Also would love to make new friends of course.

Any advice ?

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