Motorcycles in DR

My wife and I are avid bikers,  we shipped our bikes with us when we moved from South Africa to the UAE.  Would like to know what the biker scene is in DR, we ride cruisers -  Harley style bikes and love touring and exploring on our bikes

Okay first of all this country has an extremely high mortality rate for bike accidents!  They are everywhere and they do  NOT follow any rules.  Riding is dangerous here. 

That said if it is weekend cruising (sounds like it)  then that is a bit different. There are a couple of Harley clubs here but I dont know anyone  involved in it.  Sorry. 

Importing your bikes will cost you and I am sure there are rules associated with it!

Thanks! Yes we're weekend tourers.  Will look out for bike clubs

As Planner told you, the driving here is insane ! you will have to be very vigilant ! No rules here !

In Jarabacoa there is a business that rents bikes by the day and takes tours with groups, but is also a friendly sort and will actively help one to know about bikes here by sharing his knowledge.  Robert Cooper is his name if I remember rightly

Thank you, much appreciated

Anyone know where to get a helmet around here??!! Cabrera area but I'm assuming I'll have to go to nagua or somewhere further.

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