Bangladesh: 3 dead and 14 injured in a new attack

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Bangladesh has still not recovered from its mourning following last Friday's terror attack in Dacca whereby 20 people were killed. Bombings followed by gunshots killed 3 people, including 2 police officers, on Thursday, July 7, in Kishoreganj, in the North of the country. 14 people were injured.

According to international media reports, over 300 000 people had gathered near a mosque for Eid celebrations. The attack was perpetrated by at least 5 people, some of whom were armed with machetes and guns. One of them was killed in the encounter with the police while the four others were arrested.

Bangladesh authorities say that attack has not been claimed. However, they have excluded the track of the Islamic State. Instead, government suspects a local group of terrorists who have not yet been identified but who are trying to destabilize the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina.

The country has been on alert since last Friday following the attack that had not been claimed. The US government has issued a warning this week to advise foreign nationals who are planning to travel to Bangladesh to reconsider their trip due to current security threats.

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Our sincere thoughts go to the families of victims and all those afflicted by this tragedy.

First I want to say that we the Bangladeshi people are highly shocked and extremely sorry about these fact. We face this type of bullshit for the first time of our history. Now my point is why you give warning when it happen in my country and why not for other countries? Few days ago what happened in USA? or France or Brussels or Turkey? They faced more brutality than Bangladesh but  nobody announce any warning!!! Then why this shitty alarm for Bangladesh? What does the alarm means?

Hi Robin85,

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Actually, security guidelines have been issued by foreign authorities so as to inform expats and potential travelers on security issues in Bangladesh

The objective of this post was above all to inform our members regarding the current situation in the country, taking into account media reports and official guidelines for expatriates.

Moreover, we do inform our members worldwide about any issues which may concern them.

Hope this clears your doubt.

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Hello Veedushi,  I do not blame you. You did your job, right?  I shared my opinion here. I am just blamed the system. Hope you got that.


No worries Robin. :)

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