Whales at North coast

An official source at the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, said on Wednesday that the surveying and monitoring operations carried out by the administrations of nature reserves and environmental monitoring through the 12 monitoring points and keep track of the coast of North West, it confirms the absence of any trace of whales along the coast , and reassured holidaymakers and pioneers of the coast that there was no any fears out any whale on the beach, after the publication of some activists video to the presence of a whale or a large sea creature coast through Facebook.

the source said in an exclusive statement to " gateway News", that natural and safe movement of water does not need to fear and anxiety, noting that the survey was conducted operations from six o'clock in the morning over 12 hours until six thirty in the evening, and will be completed surveys tomorrow , Thursday , to make sure that there is no trace of a whale or marine animal that he saw some people, likely to be a whale , which has seen is of a kind fin small, and may be entered by mistake from open water through one Alboaquez linking sea Industrial lakes, however colliding with one of the buoys was horrified and returned back to the sea, where large depths, pointing out that each monitoring point there is the coordinates to be filed by global positioning gps system, as well as to carry out the survey and environmental monitoring by launches.

The source added that the current situation in the northern coast is very safe and does not need to fear, because it is hard to attack whales rights, especially if small in size like that has to watch, because the whale live at great depths of at least 1,000 meters and when coming out of the area of shallow loses his balance on the movement and be disturbed has been subjected to the death, the great whales are not able to reach the beach , but a dead, though the event , and the cover of the whale near the shallow water rectify it quickly and back deep waters.

the Assistant Interior Minister for security Director Matrouh General Hisham Lutfi, it has been coordination between the relevant security agencies and forces , border guards and officials of the environment, pointing out that the security situation is stable scope of the northwest coast and the province as a whole.

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