Is a WP transferable?

What's the in and out of Work Permits in Vietnam? I know of teachers who have kept one from say Quang Ninh province when they changed jobs. That can't be legal, can it?

To get one takes time.

I had a B-Visa which almost cost me $ 500. But no WP yet. It's now used as excuse for non-payment of wages.

Work Permit is not transferable in any case.
Someone before posted like that but still it's illegal to do.
Of course many thing happening under the 'laws' of officials :D

The permit is not transferable but the information on it is.  The second permit can reference the information like the physical, criminal check and educational qualifications of the first.

That makes perfect sense.

In my case, the existing employer sent me to an affiliated language center in Hanoi. Later, the lack of a WP was used as excuse for ultimately not paying one VND for the time I worked.

The contract was for "$ 1,000". And copied from China, AFAIK.

After X- weeks you teach at my center, I have asked  my friend - a lawyer about your teaching at my centre and he told me as followings:

1. Firstly, about the Agreement I signed with you - it is not valid. According to Vietnamese law, every document made in Vietnam must be both in Vietnamese and other language (if any) but in this case, I signed with you one that is made in English so it does not come in force. In addition, the Agreement I signed must be stamped with a legal entity but in this case, it is not.

2. About your CV you sent me last time, you mentioned the work permit but in fact it in only a TOEIC certificate and with this Certificate you can not teach at my centre
because you violates Vietnamese law.

So now, if you want to continue to teach at my centre, you should submit me the original of your work permit in Vietnam and other documents that show you live and work in Vietnam legally then we will signed a contract according to Vietnamese law.

​We will meet at 9:00 on Monday morning, date June 29, 2015. If you do not come and submit me documents as I mention above then I will stop your teaching at my centre.
About your salary of a X-week teaching trial at my centre, ​you can come and receive at my centre from June 29, 2015 to July 1, 2015. If you do not come within this duration, then you have to wait to the duration of next month. After two months since  June 29, 2015 if you do not come I have my own right to decide about your salary.


KruChris:  You seem to be having problems with employers that go beyond technicalities of the work permit process.  Looking at your profile, it seems that your country of origin is Germany.  Could it be that you were initially hired by a school that thought you were a native speaker of English that subsequently found that you are not?  Please note that I am not questioning your English fluency.  I am simply observing that the school's perception of your status may have changed between the time of your recruitment and now.

There was a good article about what u can do about thieving scum employers on thanhnien news.

Start with warning other poor saps, so a Google search will put them off. Email, small all students telling them he's a thief. Stand in the building doing likewise to everyone passing, what's he gonna do? Call the police so he can get a £2-4000 fine?

While you did say it came from a newspaper article and was not your suggestion, standing in in front of the building will probably result in your being arrested.  Similarly emailing students could result in libel charges.  Don't assume that the legal system will run the same way it would in Germany.  I would say your are down two strikes, but since you are German, saying you are down two goals would be more appropriate based on recent events.

How much are you actually out in wages?  Maybe it would be best to take your losses and move on.


..but (most) teachers already know that our mistakes

        contain the gift of learning

              And that If you Trust - you will be Betrayed.

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