Malaysian soon-to-be graduate in Tokyo searching for job in Canada

I will be graduating in March 2017 from Tokyo Bunka Graduate University. Its Fashion Design program has been widely recognized as one of the top three programs in the world. I am pleased to be recognized as one of the top graduates of this program.

Since my bf is living in Toronto, I decided to move there after graduate.I am exploring Assistant Design full-time positions in Toronto,Canada and had sent out 17 resumes few days ago but heard nothing so far.

Although I'm still master course student but I have an extensive portfolio.Few months ago, I started working as chief leotard designer of China Olympics Gymnasts Team who are going to compete in Riot Summer Olympics as they are seeking for a new style. Since they are satisfied with my design, they renewed their contract with me and I'm going to design their leotards for Tokyo Olympics too.
I'm also working on custom made wedding dresses for 2 business women and currently got sponsorship from Swarovski Company for my graduate collection.

Also, I was nominated as designer of the year in May. But still..... I found it's hard to find a designer assistant job in Toronto. I found almost close to zero designer related job on, so I searched for toronto wedding dress companies and mailed out my resume & cover letter to try my luck.

I also tried to find job through RO ( recognized organization) to assure that I will get a job in canada after graduate , see this link   , but since I'm looking for a serious fashion related job ( no internship no working holiday, no unpaid job), so all these organizations don't help at all.

Since my bf can't move to Tokyo, I have to move there and now I'm panicked!
Any advice what should I do?

Hello fellow Malaysian,

Canadian companies are notorious for not employing folks who are local grads. Now its not to say they don't. But, especially if you're from afar and not have physical presence here, you chances of landing a job here are extremely slim.

You best bet is if you actually apply for PR straight off the bat. But since you only graduate in 2017, you'd have to wait till then. Then again, you probably may not be able to do so given the fact you haven't accrued relevant working experience in you industry - an essential requirement of the PR application process.

Which is the other only option is to register in another course in a Canadian institution that's more than a year long and then you'd immediately get a working permit when you graduate from it. Of course, this option would mean - more time and money wasted if you are already raring to go at the job market.

Now the other option is if you did register and get married with your bf (assuming he already has a PR), then you would be able to apply for a PR as a spouse quite easily. Obviously, that comes after there's a proposal :)

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