Brexit: new measures to attract more expats to France

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France wishes to improve the attractiveness of its financial platform following the Brexit vote last month. French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, announced on Wednesday, July 6 a series of measures to encourage impatriation as well as the setting up of more financial companies so as to make Paris “the financial capital of the future”.

According to media reports, corporate tax should be reviewed as previously announced by François Hollande. The normal corporate tax rate will gradually decrease from 33% to 28%. Moreover, Business France should be responsible for coordinating the facilitation of administrative procedures for foreign companies wishing to set up in France.

The new service is expected be a one-stop administrative point for foreign businesses and their employees, particularly en terms of permits, housing, and schooling, etc. Schools, for their part, will be called to offer more classes to expat children in their native language if necessary.

Manuel Valls also announced changes to the impatriates scheme enabling employees to benefit from tax reductions. Henceforth, the impatriates scheme will be tax exempt over eight years.

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I am quite amazed there has been no information for the expats living in France and the ones now moving there.  It's a worrying time with the euro against sterling.  The concern also from the retirees in France as to whether they will be able to remain if they have only been there a short time.  Stories emerging of many people being refused a carte vitale. Does anyone know if this happens if it is Nante where you have to apply for one...Thank you for any feedback.  We are moving to Brittany in August of this year so I don't know what to expect...   :(

I am happy that the French are looking for that positive result ....attracting a lot of new investors is really a perfect idea...however, I believe there are going to be more sacrifice than 33% to 28%.

I guess also that the service sector in France needs reviving...well :) there are usually no limits to development :) but It is always good to start off

Good Luck to the French
Viva la France :)

Anyone who knows France knows they cannot possibly make changes in less than half a century
...and where are they going to live, all these 'inpatriates'? Is this, perhaps a handy excuse for kicking out some previous 'inpatriates' and gentrifying social housing?

Dear goatlady, there is tons of information from others in France. Try looking for a group on Facebook. We are there 🐸

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