Rent apartments in Valletta.

Dear all,

I do understand how many people needs a help with apartment in Malta. However, maybe someone heard or know someone who rents room/apartment in Valletta. I have found a job and I will be there in 6-7th of August, therefore I need something for the first time. I am young girl, who lives in Riga and moves to Malta. I am quiet, calm and decent person.

The ideal variant for me is 1-2 bedroom flat and with possibility to take a cat. He is also quiet, calm and decent person ;).

Could you please advice someone or something? I really need a help.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Hello mj08034 :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Housing in Malta section to increase your chances to find an interesting rental.


The advice I  (and others on the forum) have been given is that you can't get accommodation until you are in Malta. You need to book short term accommodation like airbnb/hotel etc, then get your apartment after you arrive.

There are lots of Facebook groups which advertise current rooms and apartments. They seem to go quickly (and they will clog up your news feed!). I've put some links below.

There are also adverts every day on Maltapark (Google it).

Most adverts are from agents which seems to be the most common way of obtaining accommodation in Malta. The agents' websites are not up to date so do not rely on what they advertise on there. Instead, see what they advertise on Facebook or Maltapark, or ask them what they have available. You will not get much response from them until you are in Malta.

The best customer service I have had so far is from Quicklets, but there are many others: Belair, Frank Salt, Simon Mamo...

Note that accommodation in Valletta seems to be extremely expensive so a lot of people look outside of there.

Here are some Facebook groups. Good luck! … ef=m_notif … ef=m_notif … =bookmarks

Thank you very much. I will take it into account.

Buy the way... how much in total could cost 1-2 bedroom flat in Sliema or around? Also, how many extra fees could be for such flat (electricity, hot water, taxies, etc.)?

This time of the year your looking above €1000 

Sliema is expensive

You can message me if you want to talk about options as I do relocations/Lettings and I will work with people who aren't in Malta etc

Sliema/Gzira/Msida, prices are way beyond logic. I was lucky enough to find a decent 80sq meters studio in Valletta for almost half the asking price of a 45sq meters in Sliema/Gzira.

Don't bother with any real estate agents or even owners till you're in Malta. I've been that route, very few responses, the day I arrived to Malta, real estate agents were giving me calls almost 24/7

They'll try to pressure you or convince you that whatever they are showing you is the best. Don't give in immediately, try to get a temporary accommodation for 3 weeks, it will be more than enough to find something that you like.

Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. Actually it was the main quetion. Probably I will try to find something when I am already be there. Thank you!

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