Air Conditioners in Malta; which and where to buy?

I have found me in the position I need an aircon, after buying two fans it is just not enough for between 12:00 and 17:00 where all the house gets too hot, and will be worst in August.

We plan on installing it in just the sitting room as it was in the flat we where previously living which was good enough. Our sitting room measures 4.30 metres per 5.00 metres, and is roughly 3 meters high. We have looked at various BTU calculators, but they all say different things, ranging from 9000 to 18000, in which the difference of price is quite high, above all I dont want to buy and underpowered machine, but to fork out various hundreds of euros of unneeded power isn't also very good idea.

Which are your experiences?

And besides this, which you think is the best place to buy it ? (where it includes installation and they are professional about it). We were thinking about buying them in Scan, as in Top Choice they look a bit expensive.

I will join in the following of this thread since we are considering installing one in our main bedroom once it is fully refurbished. Currently we have ceiling fans as we are not fond of aircons, but I would not want to leave the ceiling fan on for the whole night, so considering that aircon with a timer may be a better solution.

I bought from Top Choice for my study, installers were good.  Landlord got other 2 from some bunch I dont know, they completely screwed the wall up while installing and now we need plasterers in.

you get what you pay for.

Really, I am about to get an AC for the day, as by night I find it a bit drastic and usually I can sleep with nothing or just a fan.

The question about Top Choice is that it seems they charge the same that other shops but without installation, and I can imagine the installation being 100 or 200 €. Was it very expensive?

It is true at least that Top Choice they are decently competent  which is more than many other shops, and I have purchased there all my kitchen appliances and work quite well.

If I recall right install was 120

Consider Chigo from CAS.

In the end I have gone for Digital Zone in Qormi. I was going for Scan Malta, but they needed two weeks and two visits for the AC, and that was too long for me. Then I tried Top Choice, after waiting 10 minutes and after bouncing on 3 different sale representatives (why have 3 persons answering the phone, if none of them can help you?) on call they told me they will ring me in 5 minutes, and I am still expecting their call!!

Then I rang Digital Zone and they told me that it could be ready in 3 days, and everything was fast and exactly as they told me. The installers were professional and all in all it was cheaper than all the other shops. Not always the most expensive option is the fastest and better...

MaltaCommando, can I ask you what ac did you get and how much was the cost including installation?
Thank you

Do not oversize or undersize the aircon, it has to fit to the roomsize/room location, otherwise you won't get a comfortable climate. Take a good quality inverter aircon, it's a little bit more expensive but much more quiet and more efficient on running costs. Check the material of the housing, cheap plastic will creak when you use it for heating in winter. it should also have a dehumidifier mode without heating or cooling.

If you cannot make the installation yourself, better not buy the unit from a general electro shop and opt for the installation package (I could tell you stories ...  :o ) - go to a shop specialized on aircons and installation. I was working with some, most of them are competent and reliable AND can provide a proper installation "according to regulations" (some a/c technician cannot not even provide basic knowledge)

Important: Maintain your aircon once a year, best before the summer, otherwise you can get health problems.
btw, you should also desinfect the aircon in your car regularly, otherwise you might feel some pain in your throat ...

Tinna, yes, of course. It costed 575 € with installation included (I obviously knew I would only buy one that included it) with 2 years of warranty, 3 on the outdoor unit. They had a model with more warranty and cheaper I think, but I had to wait 2 weeks or so, and at that moment the heat was so strong I couldn't wait not one day (curiously, we have only used it the same day of the installation and the day after, as it is not hot at all now).

It is a TCL Inverter 12,000 BTUs for a room of 5mtx4mtx3 mt of ceiling and it cools the room fine.

I imagine the brand is one of the low end, and there are some models which are more quiet, but I am satisfied that nothing has gone wrong, as nearly anything you buy these days.

I plan to make a small roof for the airconditioning outdoor unit, as I don't think it is good it gets wet (when it rains again, I suppose in November :lol: ).

Great, thank you for the detailed info!

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