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Greetings to all from sunny Changchun, China

My name is William and I reside from South Africa. I have been fortunate enough to be on a traveling spree for about 26 years up to date. It’s in the blood so to speak… However, as time waits for no man I have to hesitantly admit to the fact that youth is not an everlasting blessing. So, as a 54 year old bachelor I am slowly seeking to find an abode of rest and peace in time to come. I am currently an ESL teacher at a leading college North of China and have been blessed with this awesome job for 10 years up to date.

As many of you should know; my home country is not doing too good in the acceptance of white folk and many still carry a very heavy grudge for mistakes done in the past. Personally I have no racism in my being but still have to carry the brunt of past ill doing. I have no option but to find a place of peace and safety to retire one day. My heart is stuck on Laos because I have met some awesome friends in Thailand many years ago. They left me with a lasting impression.

My main goal on a later stage will be to visit prisoners of all nations and share some hope of a better tomorrow with them. I studied prison ministry in South Africa a couple of years ago and didn’t quite know how to use all this glorious found knowledge. I have served in prisons before for 8.5 years so this is my passion. I have a very open and caring nature so this is my final destiny.

The big question now is how to, and when to start getting legal matters into order. If at all that is possible. I will be very thankful for any form of advice. I will also be visiting Laos next year and want to prepare very well for whatever needs to be done. Many thanks for taking time to read my short note


Hi William and welcome to the forum... :)

I would be very careful about the idea of visiting prisoners here in Laos. The Communist authorities here are not conducive with what you are looking to do.

If you wish to come to Laos then I would suggest that you look at getting a teaching job here first. A Google search will help you in this.

Visa information can be found the same way too.

Perhaps head to Laos for a holiday so you can check the place out.

Hello Stumpy,

Many thanks for your kind and positive feedback, it's highly appreciated. I must admit that I had the same difficulties serving the inmates here in China. I will follow your advice and visit first and thus familiarize myself with the culture and to-do’s. I’m sure there is a way to find a nesting place in Laos.

Wishing you all the best and hope to remain in contact. Well wishes to your family


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