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With several monstrous road building schemes underway, as well as the LRT and MRT and a new bus way cutting through the south of the city, Jakarta is suffering even more with the amount of traffic everyday. What is has made this worse has been the removal of the 3 in 1 traffic scheme recently.
The city has moved to try and make this better such as more buses in and out of Jakarta. Free buses around the construction areas and by August they will trial odd and even registration plates for cars going to parts of Jakarta in a desperate attempt to help stem the flow.
However all of these things won't help unless the government can get everyone out of cars or off of motorbikes which is where they are are struggling.

To be fair the trans Jakarta is an excellent way to get around the city if you are not in too much of a hurry and don't mind standing or being surrounded by people. The cost per trip is 3,500 and you can ride the bus all day if you stay inside the bus shelters. You do have to buy a card which is 40,000 idr but that makes things quicker. Nearly all the buses are new and the maps in the shelters and on some buses easy to follow.
Any other bus I dont think is a good idea.

Taxis are OK but I find the drivers not helpful or pleasant anymore and the costs go up with sitting in traffic. However bluebird and express still are the best.

Uber and Uber bike are both useful and cheap if you can get the cars or bike off peak. The cars are all shapes and sizes but they are clean. The driver may not know where they are going.
You can pay cash or credit card. The bikes are ok and there are a fair few in the city.

Go Jek offer bikes and cars but I can never seem to get a go Jek or the car but my wife does all the time. It is probably my journeys that put them off. They are cheap and more useful than the local Ojek and are honest with prices.

Grab offer cars, bikes and taxis and all are cheap and the cars are cheaper than the taxis.
I take grab most of the time when I need to and I like them as they are the most reliable and knowledgeable and like Gojek you get the total cost before you decide to order.

If you are new to Jakarta or passing through it or you are looking to explore then trans Jakarta will take you to the tourist spots. To run about the city I would advise Uber or Grab car or for a bit more adventure the bike services offered by them. But like all forms of transport here they are only one way and make not be fully familiar with the place you are looking for.

The apps for Uber, grab and Gojek are on play and the app store and if need be your android can side load the apk through something like apk mirror.

I have yet to use Transjakarta, but their dedicated bus lanes mean they can move when all around is blocked. The police hold regular clamp downs of traffic using bus lanes, but only from time to time.
(I'll try them next time I'm in Jakarta and edit this post to suit)

If taxis, I stick to Blue bird and Express for safety reasons. I never try to use any of the battered taxis you see running around, even when I really need a cab and they're all busy.

The Ojek services are handy, but you should note the vast majority of Indonesian drivers and riders are very poorly trained, so make sue you wear a helmet and take up religion before you get on one.

The various applications all require access to all your phones files and some companies have been accused of data mining, so make sure there is no sensitive information on your phone if you use those apps.

The train services within Jakarta are limited, but they're worth a note as they can be useful from time to time, especially if your origin and destination are close to stations.
The trains are also a very handy way to get into Jakarta from the satellite areas as they're fast and cheap, but can suffer from overcrowding at busy times.

If you are in a bus lane and get stopped it's a fixed fine of 500k for a bike so probably double for a car. The police are upping checks all over the city stopping as much as they can and if they keep that up then slowly but surely people will take note.
Trans Jakarta reaches Bekasi, Depok and Tangerang city for the same price as anywhere else 3500k

The trains which I rarely mention are great but you need to know the route and face the over crowding nearly everyday. But they are cheap and all AC so you get an empty one it's great.

I agree with your taxi recommendations, Bluebird and Express are two of the most reliable and honest taxi services. I also wouldn't use any others.

This is good stuff to know.  I'll be in Jakarta soon and I've decided bluebird or Express are only two cabs I'll use.

Digitarius :

This is good stuff to know.  I'll be in Jakarta soon and I've decided bluebird or Express are only two cabs I'll use.

In fairness ...

There are other good taxi companies around, but Blue bird are the biggest and are very fussy about their drivers and cars.
That isn't to say they don't have the odd duff driver, but the company gets tough on the odd rogue .
Not all companies can claim that, so I tend to use Blue bird and recommend their service as safe and efficient.

You can't really go wrong with bluebird and they do react to comment if you contact them. Most of the drivers will help and if you are unsure where to go or how to say places then write the name down to show them. From experience a place name like Cengkareng can be said at least 3 different ways depending on who you speak with !

Luke, do you experience the problem we have here in Bali with fake Blue Bird taxis?

Not so much, there are still some old looking blue bird taxis like sepaka but they are now few and far between. The bigger concern for me is the attitude of the blue bird drivers since they demonstrated over Uber because I find them less friendly now, coupled with the traffic and jams Jakarta now has, they become annoyed if you need to go somewhere which is always crowded with cars and bikes. My house for example! Blue Bird drivers also like to go the long way and sit in the wrong lane getting frustrated, but if it's the airport you need will go faster but because according to legend if you miss your flight and are in a Blue bird they are responsible.

Blue birds are easy to spot though in Bali if I remember as they are a different colour, they are Toyota and always out the meter on. Where as the others use Chrysler and are deeper blue.

Is Uber and Grab there now? And do you think they easier to use?

The fake Blue Bird taxis in Bali are also Toyotas.  Their color is generally more of a grey blue rather than the distinctive light blue of the real ones.  That said, I’ve spotted fake light blue Blue Bird taxis as well. 

Real Blue Bird taxis in Bali are best distinguished by the cab ID number which is always placed on the top side of each rear passenger door, right above the handles and their system is consistent, viz the ID numbers being two letters followed by either three or four digits. 

“Is Uber and Grab there now? And do you think they easier to use?”

Uber, yes, but I don’t know about Grab.  As a matter of principle and support for private Balinese drivers, I won’t use Uber.  In Bali, Uber is officially banned, but it’s here nonetheless.


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