Celta Qualified and about seeking work in Vietnam


Just looking for some advice and help when moving to Vietnam.

I am going to do a Celta course in Malta and then move to Vietnam to teach English at the end of the year. Is it a good time to look for teaching jobs in Vietnam round December time?

Furthermore, with a Celta qualification and tefl certificate and being native English would I be able to get work at a good school in Vietnam? I am looking to move to either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

How long may it take me to find work?

Thanks for reading my post and any additional information on Visas etc would be of great use.

Many Thanks,


Take the time to read through posts on the forum for information and advice regarding teaching, visas etc. The subject has been covered extensively.

The problem looking in December is that Tet is not too far away. The country basically shuts down for Tet. Plenty of work in Ha Noi, try looking on Vietnam ESL on Facebook, there are always jobs advertised on there.

Just suggesting:
Since you plan to teach in Vietnam, why not get your Celta in a school here? Studying where you expect to teach will provide you more than just 'English teaching'. Also learning local culture, special problems facing Vietnamese students learning English, peculiarities/insight of Vietnamese schools and hiring, possible referrals, probable references, more cred to an employer? Think, if you were an employer and had to choose between a local graduate from a school you are very familiar with, versus, one from Malta (a funny sounding place!) with no experience...hmm.  ILA and I think Apollo provide Celta programs in Saigon, plus they have large schools that hire teachers.
Anyway just suggesting.

Thanks very much for the help.

I will check out Apollo for the celta course.

Many Thanks

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