Can we register late for state Kindergarten?

Hi, We are hoping to move to Malta in mid-October and it would be great to put our three year-old into Kindergarten. However, we've found out that the registration date for next term would have been 13th May, which we've already missed, so we were wondering if we can ask for our son to be included half-way through the term if the school has places? Or do we absolutely need to be there at the beginning of term? We can adjust where we want to live according to which kindergarten has places if necessary! Any advice gratefully received - this fact affects our date of moving and our plans from next week so we're quite anxious to work out the best solution!

I saw note on our school that registration is still open
besides, isn't in better way to contact school's in area where you plan to live and find out first hand will you be able to register your kid for September start?

just as a bit of help - if you plan to live in Sliema, they are full already

Hello, we have the same situation, we are coming to Malta at the end of this month, and we are looking for a public school to enroll bouth our children, 8 years and 4 years old. Can you help us with some avalable lists of public schools, or kindergardens in Marsaskala?

goverm. kinder: … Years.aspx … 202015.pdf

schools:  - then click on education and list of schools

Hi, thanks for the info. We were hoping to move somewhere temporarily and find somewhere more permanent while we are there. What we were wondering is if the school in your area is full, whether that just means working through to a school that has an opening, or whether we can only send our son to kindergarten if we actually live in the area, and if the school is full we simply can't send him to kindergarten!? Thanks again for info/advice? We have contacted schools and many are encouraging but obviously we need to make some decision about where to start and we can't register until we are there, but if, say, a school will take them, then we would be able to move closer if so...

school that is in your area will always take your kid in, school where you don't belong doesn't need to take your kid if they are full

as for kinder 1 and 2 - kids start that in beginning of the school year and in February, so I'm not sure if you come for exp in December that they will enroll your kid straight away

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