Homeschooling in Kuala Lumpur

Hi all, I am a new to the group. I have two children aged 13 & 11. We are now staying at Guangzhou, they are studying under America syllabus. We might be moving to Malaysia, hence would like to find out what homeschooling or any private school options we will have there. Our first preference would be America syllabus but if it not popular in KL, we don't mind change to British syllabus (IGCSE, O, A level).

Appreciate any advises and reply.

Thank you.


It's depend on where you'll be staying. Perhaps you could be more specific on the area you plan to stay. Just by saying Malaysia KL, quite difficult to guide due to Multicultural and different facilities on each area.

Hi, we will be staying at Cheras. But we are open to Puchong, pj, kajang, USJ, kl, ampang etc

Hey, my kids' school; Brooklyn Smart Academy is offering the American curriculum (SATs). They are amazing in what they do. Small classrooms and passionate teachers. You should definitely check them out.

Hello, we relocated from the UK to KL in 1.5 month ago.

We are a family with 8 years old twin boys born in 2009. We have a UK qualified native English speaking teaher coming to our house (in Bangsar) on Mon-Tue-Wed and Friday from 8 - 10.30 am for English/Maths and History lessons based on the Year 4 English National curriculum.

We would like to invite one or two similar age children of similar abilities (native English speakers) to join the lessons for free.

Please dont hesitate to contact Nazira ** if you have any questions.

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