Investors Visa: Waiting for the Ministério do Trabalho

Hi all - I was wondering what people's experiences are with investors visas and the Ministério do Trabalho. As an investor, I am in the process of applying for permanent residency in Brazil. In theory, all that stands in my way is the MTE...and in my way it stands. The company assisting me with the process affirmed that it should take a maximum of 20 days for the MTE to approve my request. Yet, here I am, 45 days later. Any thoughts? Do they have some form of internal processing deadline? Or can they just keep me waiting for as long as they please?

Check out this link it has some information that may help.

Thanks Alascana.
My only concern is the large processing time, and that I could basically be waiting indefinitely.

Invest20162, you should search for some information on this forum or on the net. I cannot believe any immigration procedure could take 20 days in Brazil. It makes me doubt the quality (should I say honesty) of the company you deal with. I hope you didn't give funds, high fee yet to this company...I believe you should look at months, Possibly one year.
With a quick search on Internet, I found that you need a CPF, create a Brazilian company open a bank account, transfer money, then only apply for the visa. Each of these operations take weeks or months.

Hi Bardamu. Thanks for your reply. I have already done all of these steps - CPF, bank account, etc (In fact, I have lived in Brazil for some time in the past). My question was purely concerned about the time required for the MTE to analyse the application itself once it has been submitted (All other hoops I have successfully jumped through). The actual duration for analysis was indeed 20 days (45 days if submitted in paper form - which you now can no longer do). My concern is regarding this extraordinarily long period of analysis in my case is due to a recent change in legislation. As such, anything that isn't "standard" procedure anymore, or "is new", seems to take the authorities very long to adapt to. Hence my question whether anybody has already had any experience with this new (2015) legislation.

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