Sosua -- Driver recommendation, health insurance, etc

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping you might be able to give me some advice on a few things. I'm going to be moving to Sosua in the next month. I'm hoping to hire a driver, as I do not feel entirely safe on a motoconcho, and would like to be able to have ease of travel. Firstly - how much should I anticipate paying someone monthly (Monday - Friday, 10am to 6 or 7pm) Saturday, only when needed, and Sunday morning?

And secondly - does anyone have any recommendations for trustworthy people to hire?

Finally, I will be looking for health insurance for myself and my family. Anyone who has bought private coverage - can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance :)

Welcome to the neighborhood :D

As to a driver you might, depending on where in Sosua your are and how close to things you will be, consider just hiring a cab for trips that you cannot walk to.  This may be much cheaper for you.  Hiring a full time driver will be difficult and I do not know of anyone in particular.  You also will then run into the situation of having a full time employee and the costs that that will cause.  You might give Elias a call (809-842-5557 cell phone).  He is a cab driver that many of us use and he may have a lead for you.

As to insurance you can try the agency (Kulig or something like that) in the small mall behind the orange store.  Many use him and are happy with the service.  He has local insurance with options of various carriers.

Hope this helps

Bob K

I can help you with insurance as I have a group package available. I will private message you with details.

Bob is right about full time employees, unless you will have a company and more staff you might want a more informal relationship.

You say you need people to hire - for what?

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