Hi all,

Quick question, on average how long does it take to set up internet in one's home/office?  Also phone lines, that sort of thing?

That depends on the house if phone is used to be there it will take 1 or 2 days to reconnect the line but if it is new it take like a week
For home Internet you have to options omantel (  need land line ) or OOREDOO (no need for land line it depend on areas coverage )

Thanks that is really helpful!

One of my frend in Alkhoud applied the Omantel internet in the month of February'16 and still waiting. Even after plenty of follow ups, they takin their own time. This is Oman  :)

Thanks for cheering me up Schaz :(

NewtoOman :

Thanks for cheering me up Schaz :(

Not to demotivate you. Just have patience while they take their own time to install.

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