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My wife and I are moving from the UK to Muscat in about a month and I was wondering if anyone here can answer a few questions about medical insurance.  Basically, this is something that is always offered by recruiters/employers but not entirely sure if it covers what exactly this refers to.  Do you pay for doctor visits, medicine and then get reimbursed?  Also I have glaucoma and use eye drops which should be available in Oman (Xalatan/Latanaprost) but unable to get a straight answer as to whether these are available or not (I hear a lot of "should be no problem").  Any advice would be helpful.

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Medical Insurance is a mandatory facility which should be provided by the employer. Generally, else than dental, everything is covered with the medical insurance.
It also depends upon how good, your medical insurance is. In Big companies, the medical facilities are indeed outrageous, covering the whole family (Including everything), however the small scale employers don;t pay much for the same.

How to pay: The good insurance medical cards are acceptable in every hospital while some insurance health cards are not acceptable by many hospitals OR you may need to pay an average amount to get the medical consultancy done. I suggest you check with your employer and also look your contract / offer letter. It should be mentioned clearly there.

Cheers, thanks Schaz!

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