Vietnamese dual citizenship

My mother just recently gained dual citizenship in Vietnam and the U.S. I was born in American and I'm now her adult child, can I also gain dual citizenship?

I hope someone can answer the question in your case but perhaps the question should be what are the pros and cons of dual citizenship.  A few obvious pros would be ownership of property and not requiring visas for long term stays.  As cons, does one lose the protection of the US State Dept. in case of legal troubles?  Are there other cons?  I don't know.  I believe there are some dual citizens on this forum.   My wife hopes to have dual citizenship after she becomes a US citizen so I sincerely hope they can enlighten us.

You need to tell us which country she was born a citizen to. Also,  what is your age?

She was born in Vietnam during the war she has a birth certificate from VN I'm 20 and still live at home while in college

She gained citizen ship in the U.S. after the war

Your mother may be able to register you as a Vietnamese citizen being that you are the child of a Vietnamese citizen.  However, I'm not sure what the age limit is.

I suggest you call the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington D.C. and inquire.

A friend of mine, a Vietnamese citizen living in Denver, just started the process for his three American born children.

Thank you for your advice I appreciate it

If Vietnam government follows the principle of jus sanguinis which is called " blood relationship" you adopt the Vietnamese citizenship and an American citizenship by virtue of jus soli or law of the soil.


The answer is yes, you are able to gain a dual citizen.  I'm also second gen Viet/American and have explored the option.  That being said, I'd strongly recommend you consider the pros/cons of doing so before committing to a dual citizenship.



Can you elaborate a little on the Pros/Cons. I am American and wife from Bac Liue. We have a 5 year old son and my wife would like him to get Vietnamese citizenship. Just heard about that and also will have to check that out.



Sorry for the late reply, I've just come across your post.

My Vietnamese wife recently declined to accept her approved application to regain VN citizenship, because it could lead to difficulties later should she wish to return to Australia.  Also, it would mean that her current five year entry permit to VN in her Australian passport would be cancelled, and she would have to travel to and from VN on a VN passport. 

While she was in the Immigration office discussing this problem, many Vietkieu from USA also declined to accept their renewed VN citizenship.

Not a huge issue for the females, but the males would encounter military requirements in both countries. I am sure there are many more

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