Would a US downtown severely effect Malaysia/Brunei

As the title states, how would a downtown in the US economy affect ASEAN nations? It seems many have closer relationship with China such as Cambodia. The recent trends in the stock market look as though another downtown maybe likely on the horizon.

The Brexit hit the local markets badly for a while so a US meltdown would destroy the lot.
However, it's not on the cards for this week.

I think just from reading the news everyday, there is already an economic downturn in China, the UK and in the EU. The US economy is also not doing that well either and there is definitely quite a strong knock on effect in the US following the Brexit vote.

In Malaysia things are also not going that well, expats are less common than before, property prices are too high and unaffordable for many locals, and government regulations are getting stricter. Plus many people find it more difficult since the 5% GST was introduced.

However, Asian countries like Malaysia seem to have the ability of being able to weather things out pretty well. Despite all the turmoil in the world at the moment, the Ringgit is fairly strong at the moment, you can check the charts on exchange rates on your phone app to see how it has performed against the dollar, the British pound, the Yen and even the Indonesian Rupiah over the past year or 6 months. It is holding strong.

But right now, most eyes are on the British pound as it plummets against almost every other currency. If you can take advantage of that you are doing well.

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