Medical test working permit for expat

Hi! I just wanna ask. Hope can help me. Im planning to work i  vietnam. Do they test hepa b for medical test for working permit? If positive can be denied to get working permit?
Thank u

They will do a blood test, not sure if Hep B is checked. Hep B is quite common in Viet Nam so I can't see why it would be a major issue for you, but you are not VN and different rules apply to expats.

Because i am expat planning to work in vietnam. But i am worried if they require for blood test in hepa b.

Thanks for your reply. Much apprciated

I looked at my physical.  It had two items under Mien Dich Huyet Hoc. (Immune Hepatology.)  One is Anti HIV and the other is HBsAg which is likely Hepatitis B.  The order sheet included HAV (Hep A?) and listings for HBeAg, HBeAb, and other apparent sub-types not checked or tested for.  Of course there is no indication of the effect of a positive result as it is simply a medical report but if they are testing for it it likely means that a positive test matters.

I am just worried, beacuse i am hepa b carrier since birth. Im thinkin i i go for medical to get woki permit in vietnam. Mightbget deported and cant work in vietnam.

Your response much appreciated.

They are more worried about TB than Hep B, many locals carry Hep B.

So u think ill past my working permit even they found out i am positive in hepa b. Even i am expat? Just wanna know. Coz as of now i am working. So if i take the offer in vietnam i will resign here. But just worried if they found out i am hepa b carrier they might gonna deny my visa or.working permit and send back home. 😢

Hope there will be no discrimination about my case.

how did it go SIMPLE20 ?? did you get the job

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