Saudi Arabia: 4 dead in suicide bombings

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was once again hit by suicide bombings on Monday, July 4. Blasts were struck namely in Qatif and Medina. Four security officers were reported dead while a few people were injured.

24 hours earlier, a similar attack took place near the US consulate in Jeddah. According to media reports, the suicide bomber blew himself up in front of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. The other two attacks occurred at about the same time in the East, near a mosque in Qatif.

The attacks have not yet been claimed. However, local authorities suspect the Islamic State which has already claimed a series of suicide bombings since mid-2014. Inquiry is ongoing.

According to Saudi media, the Jeddah bomber was identified has been identified as a Pakistani national. He was 34 and living in Jeddah with his wife and one of her parents. He had had been living there for 12 years and worked as a driver.

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Foreign nationals who are on the spot are advised to be extremely cautious when going out and to avoid public gatherings.

Our deepest thoughts are with the families of the victims and those affected by this tragedy.

Why did he bomb?

It's indeed a sad news that people lost their lives.  :(

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Why did he bomb?

Excellent question!  :huh:

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