Filipino English Teachers in Ho Chi Minh City?

How can I find some forum to discuss with some Filipino English Teachers?

You may check this Facebook group (Filipino in HCMc)

There are some Filipino English teachers join that FB page.

You also can go to the Filipino church session by 1:30pm at Thu Thiem church,
no. 1, street 33, Tran Nao road, D2,
there are few Filipino English teachers join that church as well.

And may I know What is your purpose of discussing?
If you tell me better, I do know some Filipino English teachers personally which I can help you to connect with them.

Hi may i ask what are the medical test for working permit in vietnam. Like what kind for blood test? Hepa b? Do they test? If they found cant be grant visa?

Thanks for ur answer

I've used Van Hanh hospital's service for my employees' health checking to process their Work Permit.
Here is their website: … -0lvi.html
And you can call for an appointment here:

Filipino teacher here!

Hello there, I am a Filipino English Teacher in Ho Chi Minh, however, I am currently working in an English center here. But I am still looking for a part time job in the morning.

Hello , Kabayan . I am currently working as a teacher here in Thailand and planning to visit HCMC on March , 2017 . I would like to know if there is any possibility of moving in there as a teacher . How can I get inputs on job placements or vacancies for English teachers in HCMC , like are there advertisements ?

Hi.. are there opportunities for an english teacher like me there? Thanx.

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