Visitor Visa for Cameroon

Hello friends,
I am planning a visit to Douala, Cameroon and was curious to know what is the most common amount of time to request to visit (ie: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months)? And how much money should a person plan to have in order to cover all expenses for each month? I do have a place to stay with some friends, so there is no hotel expenses, but everything else will be considered.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hello sir no problèm for you i inviting you

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Hello Kenjee,

Thank you for your help to get my message in the right place.

Much appreciation!

You can apply for three months, and its possible to acquire depending on the judgement of the official. you need to proof substantial financial availability and your friends can help too on that by providing a letter of local assistance.
The amount you will need per month will depend on what you will like to eat, transport needs, telephone bills, internet connection and social activities. if you will like to eat in exotic European restaurants you will spend more, places you will be visiting too will contribute to how much you will need. in any case it is difficult to determine how much you may need because personal needs matter a lot in such issues.  Basically with the exception of accommodation, an average of EUR680/Month maybe needed, can be more or less depending on your personal needs. you can come back to me with questions if you need any further assistance concerning this. wish you the best in your travel plans.

Hello logmbon,
Sorry to take so long to reply to your message. I want to thank you for your offer to invite me to Cameroon, but if you read my post, you will see that I already have friends in Douala who will provide an invitation letter.

I do appreciate your interest and willingness to help.

Hello markmeb,
Thanks for your information. It was helpful.

Hello Mark, Have been reading your various posts about visa at airport which I am thinking is not for me so I am getting a tourist visa.  I am told takes about 2 weeks or more so, how to obtain a visitor visa so I go without the two week or more wait time.  I read a local person has to issue the invitation however, is there a certain form or what information should be included , by whom must this invitation be approved and where to locate this entity?? Is there a cost for this approval?

I will be heading there in the next weeks so when there I would like to investigate how to obtain the visitor visa. Thank you kindly, LindaMS

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