Arriving soon to Riyadh

Hi. I am from Georgia USA and will be working in Riyadh. I am married with 3 children but family will not be joining me. I have traveled abroad to Europe and very familiar with different cultures. I don't know if I should say what compound I will be staying at for security reasons but I would like to know what power converter I need to buy before arriving. Also if I bring my laptop can I store music on it? So many questions that I have not been able to get answered and time is of the essence. I love to watch movies, read, play xbox and travel.
I welcome any and all comments and hope to eventually meet people from all nationalities.
Thank you

Welcome to the KSA!!

It's not as bad as from what you've heard till now!

You can get here and download all your movies, songs etc, no restrictions

Xbox, travel all possible...No issues!

My wife wants to know what apps I can use to chat with her. I have heard so many are blocked.

You are welcome. To live in compound,  I think not for security reasons, just a place to live. Everything is safe and normal.
Have safe trip, and welcome again.

Thank you so much! I love to meet new people and travel. I also wish to learn the Arabic langauage. I am a sports fanatic as well. Maybe soon we can meet Royal MM.

Sure, You are welcome bro :)

Hi there and welcome to Saudi Arabia. For the power converter I think the European style is fine to use here. Plus it is easy to find it at any convenient store. For the music in your laptop is fine to be stored if you are talking about the airport I mean coz usually they don't check labtops unless they suspect something. I hope you enjoy your stay here. And if you need anything just DM bud.

Best regards


For the apps I think LINE is the best so far. I am using it for chatting with my friends back in the U.S

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