Volunteering in Las Terranas?

Are there opportunities for volunteering?  Is there a library in the area?


We recently met a woman Melony here in Las Terranas - she is originally from Germany but has been here for several years she helps organize volunteers for the annual spade/neuter clinic we meet her at the Borracho Beach Saloon and almost anyone there can point her out to you. If you are into it there is a young English fellow Benjamin Bryant who is starting a local sustainable farming school up at El Limon who is looking for volenteers. You can do a quick Facebook search for him.
Hope that helps some.


Sorry I didnt see you ask about a library - yes there is an English book library in the same complex as the Super Lindo. I don't know what days hours it's open but that's where it is.

Thanks.  Books are an important part of my life.

What is the name of the library? 

I googled the Super Lindo store and it looks very nice. 

We hope to visit DR before the end of the year to take a look around.

Don't mix up Super polo and Lindo supermarkets. The library is by Lindo store. I believe the library is run by volunteers for the international school/Mahatma Ghandi foundation. Solid group with a great reputation here. Check out their web page, a lot of information there.

How can I get a job teaching English to students in the local schools in Las Terrenas? Also how hard is it to open up your own business there? I am a certified welder and was thinking about opening up a welding school for people to learn a trade.

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