Can't get Employment VISA because passport will expire in 6months

Hi. I'd like to inquire what are the options that I have because my employer couldn't process my employment VISA due to my passport which is going to expire in 6months (November 2016).

I transferred to another company first week of June and it was the same time my previous employer cancelled my VISA. So I'm assuming that my grqce period is only til the first week of July. Do I automatically get penalized?

Please help.

yes it is auto ...
when you go to get a new visa, you will see the balance how much you should pay

Go to the Embassy and request for an extension of the expiry date so that you can facilitate your visa processing. My client have done this. Do not forget to bring all relevant papers with you. You will be required to renew your passport. So, bring enough money to pay the necessary fees. In matters like this, you need to approach the Embassy IMMEDIATELY.

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