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Hey guys, I'm planning some vacations to Brazil but the idea is going by bus from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Rio de Janeiro. A couple of months ago I discovered a couple of companies which actually make this really long trip. I think it's something about 40 hours. (sounds like a lot!! but I'm really used to travel by bus, so, no big deal)

Now... Does anyones has any experience on long distance bus travel on Brazil?? Are they serious companies? It would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot!!

Hi try this website
and if you look at the bottom of the page your find moor coach Companies
sorry it seams to be in English

Thanks, looks good!  :D

your welcome, if you need anymore help just ask

spanishpete :

your welcome, if you need anymore help just ask


Buses are great in has a very developed bus network and this is the primary means of transport by the majority of locals in Brazil....
Buses are modern, usually have a nice reclining seat,aircon, a bathroom and drinking water in plastic sealed cups.
Buses move at a medium pace as Brazilian roads are usually windy with slow speed limits and lots of hills/mountain passes and they make many rest stops.

You have to show some form of Photo ID to board a Brazilian Bus
Buses in Brazil are expensive and often it's not much more expensive to fly...

Today I paid R$85 from Angra dos Reis to SJC, thats like a 350 km trip that's like $25USD, expensive if you live and earn in Brazil!
Flight from Rio to Sao Paulo can be like $40 USD but I had to take a bus as theres no cheap flights between those cities

Thanks Steve, that was the kind of experience I wanted to hear.  A friend of mine also recomended me this brazilian bus website ? But I think I still have to make some research about the companies to buy the ticket. Buscaonibus also looks good (at least the website)  :unsure

Hey that site is ok, there are a few others ... clickbus, or you just type from where to where you wanna go. As for companies the intercity/ inter town routes usually only have one company each so theres usually not a lot of choice of different operaters, and the buses are all pretty standard.

Sorry for the late answer but thanks guys!!

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